Expanding in all directions...

I love developing. From creating art and scripts to writing detailed documentation, my main goal is to always deliver a high quality product done right. I’m extremely passionate about the end result, and wearing many hats throughout the development process allows me to be 100% focused on the project at all times.

I love project management. There's just something really satisfying about steering the ship. The ideation process, speccing development and hardware costs, and thinking through every minutiae is something that is beyond rewarding for me. I understand client needs, I like making clients happy, and I can fluently speak both tech and corporate.

I love lamp learning. I'm always keeping up to date with the latest technologies, tools and methodologies surrounding everything from game development to system hardware to web technologies. My entire book collection is non-fiction (I didn't mean it to end up like that!), and my usual lunch break involves checking up on the latest tutorial for anything I can comprehend.

Meat n' Potatoes

Feel free to check out some of my past videogame projects on my ArtStation profile, check out Wild Blue Technologies - the people paying my rent, or my resume if you're into that kind of thing.

Get In Touch

Let's have a chat! I love meeting new minds, creative or business oriented.